Angela Heit

Crysalis Consulting Group
HR Consulting
Phone: 604.738.8141

Angela Heit serves as Senior HR Consultant and CEO at The Crysalis Consulting Group located in Vancouver, BC.

If a business can be seen as a huge jigsaw puzzle, it follows that there are no extra pieces; everything and everyone has to fit to create the perfect whole. As a Human Resources professional with more than 20 years of experience, Angela applies her passion to help small to medium sized businesses create highly functioning company cultures where every piece not only fits but works well together.

Her childhood fascination with the creative process and human behaviour lead Angela to a post-graduate education in Behavioural Psychology and eventual entrepreneurialism. Starting her first business in 1994, Angela applies her knowledge of running her own businesses with the experiences of her clients to create highly effective People Solutions that have an immediate impact on the bottom line and increase business value over time.

Find Your Right People

Our flat fee recruitment services are fully guaranteed so you know you will get the ideal candidate that fits your needs.

Focus Your Right People

Our performance measurement systems and processes focus your employees on behaviours that strengthen your company culture and increase your bottom line.

Reward Your High Performers

Our pay for performance compensation strategies, whether a profit sharing plan, a bonus system or a commission structure, reward your high performing employees and create a culture of performance.

Angela has found where her piece of the puzzle fits, and she thrives on helping business owners do the same.

You can learn more about Angela and the services she offers by going to or calling her directly at 604-738-8141.