Birgit Holm

Birgit Holm

Mortgage Alliance
Mortgage Broker
Phone: 604.762.0166

Birgit has been a mortgage professional since 2003. She holds a BSc. and BEd. from the University of British Columia.  Her problem solving skills coupled with her tenacity with numbers and passion for people make her exceptional at what she does.

Prior to being a broker, Birgit lived overseas for 7 years in both Japan and Russia. She learned the language of these places, realizing it is only once you know the language that you can really understand the people and their culture.

Birgit sees opportunities and creates something with it.  In Japan she ran her own recycling business while also teaching English at a Women's University. She taught English, but what she really taught was Empowerment for Women.

Back in Canada through her brother's recommendation, Birgit got into the Mortgage Broker industry, and has never looked back.  She shows her clients all of the possibilities available to them – whether it be one or several revenue properties after they have purchased their principal residence- and creates a plan for them to achieve those goals. She walks her clients step by step through the process in a professional and kind manner.

“Getting you Home” is Birgit's why. She knows how important it is to have a home that you love. It is your foundation, where you spend most of your time with your family. Getting the right financing and feeling confident in that is one of the most important pieces of home ownership. She wants every one of her clients to feel at peace when buying their home and/or real estate investments.