Dean Lariviere

Freedom 55 Financial
Financial Security Advisor
Phone: 604.685.6521 x4437

Dean Lariviere is a Financial Security Advisor with Freedom 55 Financial and holds a Certified Cash Flow Specialist Designation. He came into the field of Finance by accident, originally intending simply to learn enough to ensure that he was managing his own family and business finances properly. Through the knowledge and expertise that he learned through that process came a passion for this industry and a deliberate focus on making sure that people understand the system to the extent that they wish to and that he is able to help as many business owners and individuals as possible achieve the greatest success that they can with the resources at their disposal.

Any properly constructed structure has a solid base. Without a proper foundation stability is compromised. The base of a well-constructed financial plan is insurance. If it were possible to predict how long someone would live or whether they would remain healthy during a given period, there would be no need for insurance. If there is not a proper insurance plan in place and someone does suffer a long-term injury, critical illness or dies, the rest of the plan is useless, just like a building would be if the first large storm that came along knocked it askew.

Dean has helped many clients, from all walks of life, put plans in place that ensure that they, as well as their loved ones, will be financially stable even if their health takes an unexpected turn. This, to him is a very rewarding experience.