Kalina Donald

Kalina Donald

Total Benefits Strategy Consultant

Phone: 604.671.6987

I partner with your internal strategy teams to embed creative, successful Total Benefits Strategies into your culture that inspires your Employee Experience, feeding the energy of your people.

How I do this? Total Benefits Strategy means I take a step back and look at the big picture when it comes to Employee Benefits. Employee Benefits includes Flexible Benefits, Pension, Retirement, Health, Dental, Wellness, Insurance, Fitness, Recognition, EAP, Spending Accounts, Tuition, Mortgage, RRSP, Executive Benefits to maximize time and productivity, Innovative Benefits and so on. In short, we partner with you to design think a Benefits Strategy that connects and aligns your people to your Brand.

Traditionally a “good” benefit program provided Dental Care, Extended Health Care and Life Insurance to employees. However, today people are expecting an experience that is personalized and that helps them with their life goals.

People have a choice of where to work. They want to work somewhere that inspires them. We make that happen.

​Why I am passionate about Employee Experience? I believe in a world where Happy & Healthy People create a Great Place to Live… I look forward to connecting with you to discuss your Total Benefits Strategy.