Mark Huggan

Phantom Couriers
Local, National and International Courier
Phone: 604.899.5447

I am Mark Huggan the founder & owner of Phantom Couriers.

Phantom Couriers has helped over 4000 businesses over the past 20 years. Our passion is to provide excellent courier services we are dedicated to building a world class courier company in Vancouver. The top 7 reasons to use Phantom Couriers are:

1. At Phantom Couriers we see alternatives to difficult delivery situations not road blocks. We are proactive.

2. We understand why you need our services we realize what needs to be done and are prepared for it. We anticipate the procedures and are ready for changes.

3. We focus on the important not just what appears to be urgent, with proper planning and execution we have developed the proper procedures & systems to make your deliveries on time & when you want them to happen with accuracy.

4. Phantom Couriers & your business will develop a long term relationship built on trust & respect to build together a mutual benefit. We are looking to make you successful by being extensions of your company consider us as you would any valued associate or employee.

5. By clearly stating our abilities and services we will make it easy for you to choose us for duties well suited for your tasks. Phantom will not say yes to tasks that are not going to happen we will listen and give honest & accurate feedback.

6. By partnering with clients we are able to synergies and create a partnership that is greater than the sum of its parts. Creating better alternatives to traditional couriers services.

Phantom is a proactive & forward thinking company always looking for better ways to operate, Function & perform.